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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Malaysian Parasitic "Cave-Plant"

On another web-site someone was asking if the thing he found in a cave was a plant or fungus. It was a plant, but what a plant it was! After my having posted it to the UBC Plant Forum and more, looking around asking questions of various people, someone (sorry guy!!) suggested Balanophoraceae. Turned out to be right, although it's presence deep inside the cave entrance in total darkness, on the floor of a cave which had a stream running through it as well.... means that the connecting tissue attaches it to a tree root must run all the way up the side of the cave, through the ceiling and up to the bottom of a tree's root somewhere 20 -30 feet above the plant's location here. Fungus or not, I was mightily impressed with the concept regardless!

So BIG Thanks go to Forest Ang, the photographer and guide who sent me the photos. Seemed like a heck of a nice guy as well, so if you're ever in Malaysia and looking for a guide who appreciates nature the way you and I do.....look him up.


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