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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Palin's Lot

Todd Palin says contacts with his wife's administration were proper - Juneau Empire

What needs to be taken into account by political wonks and citizens concerned about the future, is that the term "conservative" doesn't apply to a description of a political ideolog.... or at least not in the sense that "fascism", "communism", "liberalism" are. It's actually a description of a personality profile.

To illustrate, take the following: You will never find a left-wing, liberal, religious fundamentalist.

The significance of this is that other, "non-conservative" ideologies have a logical basis upon which it's learners can reason out their relative merits, benefits or drawbacks...see what each one offers the most hope for someone of their particular tastes and background.

OTOH, conservatism serves no purpose outside the comfort it offers those so afflicted with what I believe is a disfunctional behavioural trait left us from our pre-Neolithic ancestors. But that is a whole other area of inguiry I cannot hope to cover here.

So. Back to our anti-vice, anti-change crusaders.

The conservativism "movement" works in much the same way as the drugs that others use to escape the harsh realities of their lives. But a drug's deadening or euphoriant effects change our moods or minds in ways that are far too scary for conservatives, who are ironically probably the one group whose minds could most benefit from a change of mood.

As it is however, they are in perpetual fear of the gay "agenda" (?), a plot I have been lucky enough to actually have a conservative outline for me. This experience alone would have sufficed as convincing evidence that I was in the presence of a strong contender for placement in the next DSM, but my curiousity was now firmly captured by this presence among us. I found they also see other economically deprived ethnic groups as the people responsible for their own crappy jobs, see academics as the cause of their own failure to achieve any real education; and see journalists as the reason they themselves are uninformed about the world. Amazing.

And anywhere in the world one goes, their 'devils' follow...merely changing names and faces depending on the culture the conservative mindset appears in while the same basic pattern of denial and blame-placement are identical across cultures, languages, religions or ideologies.

If you watch who they choose as persons whom they'll trust to let guide their thoughts, it'll be persons with a charismatic or authoritarian presence that seem best able to re-frame their discomfort by blaming it away on the people who oppose their existence (intellectuals eg.).

Given that the majority of them do indeed live a miserable life,
it's a lucrative career opportunity for someone willing to come up with enough enemies for them to place all that blame. As such, right-wing authoritarians have long been the default fill-in for a role that is far too important to our survival as a species to continue allowing such an incestuous relationship to continue.

Thankfully, they are a minority of the population. And with the advent of the internet it's now possible for us to educate ourselves at least to the basic facts about subjects that have long been the domain of the highly educated or well traveled only.

And because their antics "over there" scare our ones "over here", they are a threat to the peace wherever they appear. Ours will mobilize and threaten war, impose sanctions, and any other antics they can think of to ensure nobody is any happier than they. And no-one, ever, was beset by more devils than the typical conservative. The 'traditional' RWA-SDO alliance creates a cycle of violence that is far too dangerous in these nuclear, and now climatically fragile, times. But the psychologists are fascinated. Group Centrism Syndrome is the phrase psychologists use when referring to their specific disorder.

Now you are aware. Tell your neighbors, teach your children.

Mankind needs to change course NOW!


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