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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Zionut for cracking

Another wingnut who can't see the cultural, anthropological or sociological similarities between Zionism and Nazism. Which are like fraternal twins when compared objectively.

A Palestinian rocket – one of dozens fired randomly at Israelis most
weeks – exploded in an Israeli army base early this morning (Tuesday),
wounding at least 69 young Israeli soldiers, some severely.
69 injuries without a single death? Can we say...'beggars belief'? Who could tell such a lie without having to answer to press scrutiny? It happened on an IDF Army base. "Secret" doncha know....

And wouldn't soldiers be legitimate targets for people whose land is being illegally occupied by that state regardless? Of course it would. The "terrorist" label is grossly abused by Israeli and US conservatives.

Gross immediately launches into "Siderot, a working-class town near the Israel-Gaza border, and surrounding towns and villages, have been battered by thousands of rockets launched nearly daily from Gaza. The rockets have killed over
two dozen civilians.
So we have 1 rocket, 69 causalities, and now these "1000's launched almost daily" yet only 20 something dead after all that? Obviously something is very, very wrong about the way these numbers are being used.But don't call it "lies" because the Zionists already thought of that by re-labeling such bullshit "hasbara".

Hasbara is an official policy or tactic used in foreign relations by Jewish Agency operatives. 
Attacks last week on Siderot, including a rocket that landed near a crowded day care center led anxious Israeli parents to pull thousands of children out of school and brought demands for the Israeli government to retaliate but Prime Minister Ehud Olmert refrained from doing so. Yet the desire to kill Pali kids by Jewish parents isn't reason enough to have them stripped of their own parental rights despite this clear evidence of murderous proclivities!!

I sometimes have to wonder if the Holocaust didn't so severely shatter the minds of many of Israel's founding members that the culture today still reflects the mindset of a psychotic break.

And the "noble Israeli" who refuses to retaliate despite Palestinian wickedness!

This claim gets repeated ad nauseum, leading us to conclude that Pali suicide bombers are so bad in their aim that they are killing themselves at a rate 8 times that of the Jews they are trying to target!
Uh-huh... More Hasbara? Absolutely

Of course anyone who would believe such nonsense after hearing Gross's version of how war is being waged over there is either a congenital liar themselves or mentally handicapped.  I long ago settled on fairly conclusive evidence that the 'right' of conservatism is not simply a reflection of an ideological view, but is an indication of a disorder/syndrome with such wide distribution that it suggests an ancient or even genetic origin. The neolithic revolution provides us with both.

He continues....'From speaking to recipients of this email list in a number of European countries, Australia, and South America, it has become apparent that
very few people outside Israel and the U.S. have heard anything at all about the long history of Holocaust denial of Abu Mazen, the new Palestinian prime minister'.

but when it comes to giving even one account of denial by Mazen, we get this from Gross. "Abu Mazen’s record does not amount to a single pernicious reference,
like those of Jean Marie Le Pen, leader of the French (neo-Fascist) National Front (“the gas chambers were a footnote of history”), or Joerg Haider, leader of the misnamed Austrian Freedom party. Abu Mazen has spent years “researching” and writing on this subject, and produced an entire body of work with horrifying claims that go well beyond anything Le Pen or Haider have said in public.'"

Note the citing of well known revisionists of whom Mazen exceeds as a Holocaust denier. yet nothing from Mazen himself appears in his attack-piece! 
So much further down after much whining about how mysterious it is to him that no world leaders are willing to confront Mazen on the issues he cites, finally the heart of this guys hate of Mazen is revealed.

"When negotiating with Abu Mazen, politicians should ask what kind of a man would choose to write his entire PhD thesis on the subject and follow it up with a book in 1983, “The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and the Zionist Movement,” in which he denies that the Holocaust occurred."
Okay..... But still there's that claim of outright denial, which is not what is actually stated in the title of his work. Whatever you may think about his idea that early Zionists used Hitler to create a 'new exodus' back to the Levant, prior to the realization of the killings at Auschwitz et al....why is this so horrible? Americans too were doing business with Hitler throughout the Spanish-Civil War and even into WW2 itself.

In any case, Gross finally dances around so much that he becomes the instrument of his own undoing. "Abu Mazen claimed that Hitler did not decide to kill the Jews until David Ben-Gurion provoked him into doing so when [Ben-Gurion] declared war on the Nazis in 1942.'
Gross decides that Mazen states Hitler decided to kill 'the jews" in 1942 based on the mere fact that Mazen used phrasing about Hitler killing "Jews". No distinction over whether he said 'some' or even 'a lot', of "Jews" in context is attempted. Hasbara

As if this distortion wasn't enough, Gross launches into some tirade about a 'villa' owned by Mazen somewhere in Gaza, along with claims of his immense wealth being secreted away. A Palestinian Arab living in Gaza, under IDF occupation.....
Now we are to believe the asinine assertion that a man...any man for that matter... who only now is being allowed by IDF forces to import or possess weapons for his personal bodyguards, is somehow able to amass a fortune behind his fellow Pali's backs as well?

Righhht.... Hasbara

This all reflects a nationalistic fervor blended with mysticism and exceptional-ism that has but one close match in this last century. His and Hitlers ethical standards reveal  the same burning hatred of all things that challenge their own beloved Zionism/Nazism.

Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Zionism, fascism....all the same "I'm better than you!" blackness to them that the rest of us have to tip-toe through due First-Second Temple/Third Reich criminals who start this insane belief structure in a modern age. Pleeeassse just go away so we don't have wipe up yor messes anymore.? The rest of humanity just wants to make a good life possible for easily attainable goal but for the right-wing pricks like this who obstruct and destroy any such plans as "commie!" or "librul!" plots to take over things that only people like you desire in life. You project your own sickness onto the rest of ours' motives, then use this delusion to justify your own aggressive tactics, saying you are simply trying to take your rightful share "like everyone else is trying to do!" no..... It really is just people like you who make the world the dangerous place that you then cite to justify your own violent ways.  A mad circle of death attempting to justify destruction. Zionism... Nazism... Conservatism,.. Authoritarianism...    Please just go away.....Please??


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